New and Popular Cars from Japan and Europe at Pickinz Used Cars

New and Popular Cars from Japan and Europe at Pickinz Used Cars

As the leading used car importer in the industry, Pickinz Used Cars is thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest shipment of new and popular cars from Japan and Europe. Our team has carefully selected a wide range of vehicles that cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a stylish sedan, a spacious SUV, or a high-performance sports car, we have got you covered.

Quality Assurance and Ten Years of Experience

At Pickinz Used Cars, we take pride in our commitment to providing only the highest quality vehicles. We have been in the business for over ten years, and during that time, we have successfully grown our catalog to include an impressive array of one hundred thousand cars. Our team of experts thoroughly inspects each vehicle before importing it to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards for performance, safety, and reliability.

Domestic and International Shipping Services

We understand that our clients come from all over the world, which is why we offer both domestic and international shipping services. No matter where you are located, we can deliver your dream car right to your doorstep. Our experienced shipping team will handle all aspects of transportation, from pickup to delivery, so you can focus on enjoying your new ride.

New Arrivals from Japan

Our latest shipment from Japan includes some of the most sought-after models, such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Skyline, and Subaru WRX. These cars are known for their exceptional fuel efficiency, advanced technology features, and sleek designs. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking on the racetrack, these vehicles are sure to impress.

New Arrivals from Europe

From Europe, we have imported a selection of luxury cars that exude style and sophistication. The Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Volvo XC90 are just a few examples of the high-end vehicles available in our inventory. With their powerful engines, premium interiors, and cutting-edge safety features, these cars are perfect for those who demand the best.

Why Choose Pickinz Used Cars?

At Pickinz Used Cars, we believe that buying a car should be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. That’s why we offer a wide range of financing options, flexible payment plans, and comprehensive warranties. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance throughout the purchasing process.


If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable car that meets your unique needs and preferences, look no further than Pickinz Used Cars. With our extensive inventory, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality, we are confident that we can find the perfect car for you. Contact us today to learn more about our new and popular cars from Japan and Europe, and let us help you find your next dream vehicle.

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