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• Auto shipping overseas is usually used for vehicle shipments to or from within the U.S or Alaska, as well as internationally and to outlying U.S. territories such as Guam.

• Here at Pickinz Auto we can provide you comprehensive overseas auto transport services to and from the states of San Francisco and Alaska. However, we also ship internationally or to outlying U.S. and Carribean territories.

• In this helpful section we’ve provided links to articles about National and International auto shipping services, which are great if you’re new to transporting a vehicle overseas and would like to know what to expect come time to ship your vehicle. We’ll also provide a link to our helpful overseas auto shipping FAQ, which you can reference for more information regarding transporting to or from within the States or Alaska.

Get your dream car at Pickinz Used Cars downtown. We offer high-end and cost-effective models with flexible financing options. Our vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection process. Trust our expert staff to ensure a confident driving experience.

Pickinz Maintenance

Confidently choose Pickinz Used Cars’ mechanics for your car’s regular maintenance to ensure it stays dependable and durable throughout its lifespan!


Sales personnel are often present to negotiate with possible buyers to come up with a final price.c ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

social Media managment

Check out our social media channels for unbeatable deals on over 100 dealerships. Get the latest updates on promotions and special offers to make an informed decision on your next purchase.

Certified Dealers

Access incremental certified delears and leverage transfer-of-trust through our exclusive network of 500+ partner sites.

Affiliate Management

With each partnership you foster and every deal you close, you contribute to our growth and the positive impact we have on the automotive industry. You have the power to create meaningful relationships


All new cars come with manufacturer warranties that specify what kind of maintenance schedules and repair procedures are best for your car. 


 You’ve invested significantly in your car; on average, new cars cost more than $28,000, so to protect your investment, you should only rely on trained professionals.


Our technicians are not only good technicians, but they’re also electronics experts, so you can trust that they can take care of your modern, high-tech vehicle.


We spend the time and money necessary to properly train our technicians. We ensure that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to care for your car and we provide continuous training to keep our technicians up to date on the needs of complex modern vehicles. Our dealership is also certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)


Since some moderns diagnostic equipment can cost over $100,000, franchised new car dealers have access to it, while others don’t. And we not only use the latest equipment, but we also maintain computer links to factory service experts for additional support.



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Pickinz Used Cars

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We guarantee our repairs. Our auto parts also come with additional manufacturer guarantees. You can always count on us for quality auto service.


Pickinz carries an extensive inventory of parts to cover all repairs for the cars and SUVs we sell.


We strive to make our auto service as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer extended service hours including nights and weekends, along with guaranteed time of delivery. We also offer express service lanes for routine maintenance and simple repairs, and we offer loaner cars while repairs are being made for more time-consuming.


We not only offer quick, high-quality service, but we also offer competitive prices to help you save.


Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, so we offer the best service support possible at the best price possible.

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Service Contracts

Manufacturer Service

The first type of service contract is provided by the manufacturer through the dealership.

Insurance Service

The second kind of service contract is a simple insurance policy that the car dealer has bought wholesale and is administered via a third party that is working for the dealer.

Owner Service

The third type of service contract can be bought directly from a number of automobile insurance companies.

It should be noted that most aspects of the operation of an automobile dealership,  are regulated by various states.

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